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Working Hours at Aurecon Australia

8.6 rating for Working Hours, based on 48 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Work is standard 38 hours a week. As long as the work is done, the time can be balanced. I like it very much. Let's me be productive, at the same time spending time with my family.
Graduate, Brisbane
Extremely good, been working two days a week while completing university this year.
Intern, Adelaide
I have very good working hours, which is the usual 9-5. Overtime is not encouraged. The company also has a very good working from home policy which I really like because it shows the amount of trust that the company has towards the employees.
Graduate, Melbourne
I'm able to move my hours around and work from home as long as it is agreed with my manager. Generally, I work from home one day a week and am able to move my working hours to suit other activities.
Graduate, Sydney
I have to complete 38 hours a week. Generally, I complete around this amount (maybe 1-2 hours extra). Very rarely have I stayed more than 40 hours a week. They have flex-time where it doesn't matter when you work as long as you do your hours/ make meetings. I frequently start early to finish early or duck out in the middle of the day to go to appointments.
Graduate, Brisbane
If any outside commitments occur, there is no issue with rescheduling hours/ working around.
Midlevel, Canberra
When we get really busy, it's easy to work 45 hours weeks for up to a month or two. But generally, it's great and flexible hours are great ' I use it frequently for family or life admin.
Graduate, Sydney
Flexible working hours are part of the culture, and it's very easy to work into it from day one. It is encouraged to work consistently, but the hours you work are largely up to you. It can be more inflexible in field-based roles and site work, but there is good support for fatigue management and making sure you're not overworking.
Graduate, Melbourne
My company is relatively flexible with work, however in a permanent 'client facing' project office role this flexibility is definitely impacted.
Graduate, Sydney
Company is very flexible when it comes to hours.
Graduate, Brisbane
I work standard hours and there is a lot of flexibility, allowing us to set our own hours (within reason) and the opportunity to also work from home.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible, I'm able to work from home when needed or disappear to appointments during the day as long as I'm working the minimum number of hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work hours are relatively consistent but are always flexible when need be.
Graduate, Brisbane
Company offers flexible working hours. I can choose the starting time and finishing time as long as the 38 hours a week requirement is met.
Graduate, Perth
38 hours a week. No daily commitment as long as 38 hours a week is met.
Graduate, Melbourne
The company not only promotes flexible working but actively encourages it. Health, safety and well-being is a huge thing. As long as your work gets done, you are given the freedom and independence to work within hours which suit you.
Graduate, Melbourne
Aurecon has 'Yes Flex', which means they support flexible working hours. I live an hour away from the office; therefore, my manger and I have come to an agreement that every Wednesday I work from home. This allows me to invest the two hours commute I would usually have into personal activities such as cooking a nice dinner for the family, getting to that spin class I enjoy, getting the mid-week food shopping done etc. I also know of other employees who have school drop off on certain days. Aurecon supports them to come into work after the normal start time, leave early to pick up the kids from school, and then they make up the few missed hours on other days. Aurecon completely understands that work life balance is crucial for happy employees.
Graduate, ADELAIDE
They are really flexible which I am very pleased with. We are required to work 38 hours a week, but it can be flexible with when you do this.
Graduate, Adelaide
The company is very flexible with work hours. As long as you are able to complete the allocated hours per week and meet deadlines/ meetings, I believe they are flexible as to when you do the hours and from which office/ home environment.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Hours are good. The company has a standard working week of 38 hours, and are very flexible in terms of start and finish time. They are also very happy to allow for fluctuation (e.g. staying back a bit late when deliverables are due but being able to leave slightly early during slow periods).
Graduate, Melbourne