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Training & Personal Development at Aurecon Australia

7.9 rating for Training, based on 49 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
There has been training programmes both in-person and online, although there could be more specific to your discipline.
Intern, Adelaide
You are dumped with a whole bunch of modules at the start but most of it is pretty good, and there are also interesting courses online as well as face-to-face on offer.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am quite satisfied with our training programmes at my company. We have a training portal available to all employees where we can choose to undertake further training in the areas that interests us.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a strong formal training programme that you can get permission to attend sessions of through your line manager.
Graduate, Sydney
Most of the team is happy to sit down and answer my questions and help with technical issues whenever needed. I haven't had much experience with formal training.
Graduate, Brisbane
I haven't had much of an opportunity to participate in formal training. I think there is quite a lot out there, but I haven't been made aware of it yet.
Intern, Melbourne
I could easily obtain Project Management certification with the level of training events/ meetings/ workshops that are held each month.
Midlevel, Canberra
Lots of opportunities for industry training as a graduate to get all the basic industry qualifications and field-based competencies. I spent the first month in and out of various training courses. Also, plenty of internal methodology and concept training, and sometimes more personal workshops for dealing with stress and difficult situations.
Graduate, Melbourne
I didn't officially have a training period, but I was taught how to use many different programs gradually.
There is an extensive amount of formal training programmes offered by the company for professional development that we can sign up to. In terms of informal training, there isn't much structure and it has been more about seeking it out for yourself so far.
Graduate, Melbourne
Hands-on with the practical design and involved in the project straight.
Graduate, Sydney
My company has a wide range of formal and informal training.
Graduate, Sydney
There is a good access to training, but we have to limit it to half a day per week, which can be very limiting. It might be team specific.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Internal training covers everything from preparing tenders, client engagement, managing stress and time, project management etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
Long online training process but that has been improved recently.
Graduate, Brisbane
Company offers many paid internal trainings, so far thanks to such opportunities I was able to pick up so many software skills that I couldn't gather within a university environment.
Graduate, Perth
It's a bit average ' most times just sit there and have people talk at you. It really depends on who is delivering the training course and how interactive they make it.
Graduate, Melbourne
Aurecon offers an array of training programmes for employees to assist them to develop.
Graduate, ADELAIDE
In my field around the world, we run bridge training on past projects and complex design. Internally, I also Skype into a meeting with our Melbourne office so I can chat with the other graduates from that team and discuss problems/ learning/ complications. I can say that I have picked up technical software quite well.
Graduate, Adelaide
There are both internal and external opportunities. Internal ones are all broadly company focussed and don't adhere to specialists ' more about management and organisation and systems. There are opportunities to seek out external training that goes through management approval. The process is simple enough and Aurecon is always keen for people to be growing and learning new things that will assist their work and career growth.
Midlevel, Melbourne