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Aurecon Australia

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Management at Aurecon Australia

8 rating for Management, based on 47 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Very satisfied. They are great people. Very knowledgeable and very caring.
Graduate, Brisbane
They work alongside the juniors, feeding work and assisting where necessary.
Intern, Adelaide
I am given the appropriate amount of supervision and will often receive praise and constructive feedback. I also feel comfortable talking to anyone at any level within the company.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am very satisfied with my managers. I can easily talk to anyone in my team if I ever want to bring up any new ideas or concerns. I also really like that I have regular catch-up sessions with my direct line manager who I can discuss any issues that I may have with my work. I also like that we have a business unit meeting once a month where there is praise and recognition for the work that we achieve.
Graduate, Melbourne
Everyone I have met within the company is very approachable and open about listening to anyone in the company.
Graduate, Sydney
My line manager is fantastic. Only downside is he is currently working out on-site and is only in the office sporadically. Project leads are overall good too.
Graduate, Brisbane
Managers are very friendly and are not locked up in offices. I've been lucky enough to meet other managers not only in my team who are also friendly and show interest if you do.
Intern, Brisbane
I have a line manager, team manager, buddy and informal mentor for each project. I have found the management chain really accessible when you need them, and lots of more formal opportunities and initiatives to meet the most senior leaders across the business.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am very happy with my manager; he is approachable and supportive of any line of work I am in.
Communication of business strategy from senior management is very clear. Relationship with direct manager (i.e. line manager) is very good as well. Praise and recognition definitely needs improvement.
Graduate, Sydney
Management is generally good, however due to demands that come along with their role they don't always have time to help. Some make better mentors than others.
Graduate, Melbourne
My manager is always approachable, happy to answer questions and takes their time to explain concepts to me. They're supportive of additional learning such as external/ internal training and courses ' or attending conferences and networking events.
Graduate, Melbourne
Good mentors with best interest for employees in mind.
Graduate, Melbourne
Mentors all around in every team, not only your own. Everyone is willing to help you and give guidance because it's about doing the work well for the client and our reputation as a team and company. Super accessible and always happy to chat, as well as give credit where its due.
Graduate, Melbourne
They are easily accessible and always make time to answer questions or help out.
Graduate, Brisbane
Yes, the managers are on the floor with us and are usually around to discuss anything. I think there should be better systems for praise and recognition.
Midlevel, Melbourne