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Aurecon Australia

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Culture at Aurecon Australia

8.2 rating for Culture, based on 59 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Professional, casual and everyone has fun while also being productive. We all know what we need to do at times but also be stress-free about it.
Graduate, Brisbane
There is an open lunch room where employees can gather and eat together. The leadership team is also very inviting and loves to communicate with interns and graduates.
Intern, Adelaide
It is quite a large firm, so it is hard to get to know everyone, but everyone gets along quite nicely, and the social events are great even if I don't know many people in the room.
Graduate, Melbourne
Overall, I do think there is a good culture at the company. I love that regardless of what hierarchical status, one does not need to fear talking to our C-suite executives. I also really love that there is a support group for the emerging professionals of the company where we can get to meet other emerging professionals ' so that we can feel a sense of belonging in the company. It can be difficult to integrate yourself into your first full-time role where a majority of your team may be older and have more experience than you. This group makes this integration easier. Cooperation is something that I see a lot of within the team. Everyone is very willing and happy to assist each other where it is needed. Communication with my team is mainly done through online means. I would like to see more of our communication done through in-person meetings that will help build our team engagement, as that is something, I feel that our team can really improve on. In terms of afterhours socialisation, this does not really exist within my team.
Graduate, Melbourne
My team in the office is quite chatty but also really productive. Outside of work, there are plenty of activities to get involved in and a good group of graduates who get involved in most things.
Graduate, Sydney
I have quite a good group of work friends. We generally catch up outside of work once every two weeks. The monthly 'Friday drinks' the company puts on are great.
Graduate, Brisbane
Flat structured leadership style with traditional management organisation chart, well-balanced hours, great social and professional aspects within my immediate team.
Midlevel, Canberra
Overall, I love work. Some people are in the dark ages, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I mostly love the friends and connections I've made, and the Friday drinks and pizza are always fun because we have games too.
Graduate, Sydney
Our Resources and Manufacturing unit is very friendly and we will often hang out at the office during breaks or outside of work to catch up. Our unit is also multi-disciplined, meaning I am not only friends with other structural engineers, but also mechanical and electrical engineers.
Intern, Brisbane
Very supportive colleagues and wider teams, good social opportunities and understanding of outside work commitments.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very inclusive, heaps of programs and socials with opportunities to meet new people. Group/ team organised lunches and outings are a good way to bond.
Graduate, Brisbane
Office culture is moving towards flexible working. Still transitioning away from watching the clock. Flat hierarchy, particularly good for young professionals. Socialising is up to the individual and their teams.
Midlevel, Sydney
The office culture is very friendly and welcoming. Due to the nature of the work, we are constantly working and cooperating in teams. The office arranges social events regularly, which are good, and instantaneous team coffees are a regular occurrence.
Graduate, Melbourne
Equal opportunity and open-minded team mate. Plenty of events/ tea time/ first Friday drinks for after work socialising.
Graduate, Sydney
Socialising is a very personal thing in my team. We have end of month drinks, which is a nice time to socialise with people who can make it. We have lots of people at project offices who don't make it sometimes. I eat lunch at my desk most days which I don't like.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Everyone seems to be approachable even the leadership team. Culture of after-work drinks is heavily dependent on your team and friends, so it's always there if you want to go but also there isn't pressure to participate if you're not into that.
Graduate, Melbourne
Good flexibility of working hours and timetables. Networking is a strong point with social events happening frequently to meet new people within the company.
Graduate, Brisbane
Company offers plenty of events and experiences from both in and out of work, approachable managements across different departments, and friendly colleagues.
Graduate, Perth
High level of teamwork and corporation. Business leaders and seniors are easily approachable and are quite helpful. Open seating arrangements with desk names only having names and not position, hence a strong sense of hierarchy is not imposed however organisational structure is maintained.
Graduate, Melbourne
Aurecon has an open desk plan that encourages collaboration and is perfect for a graduate as you learn from watching as well as asking. The company also encourages workers to relax (either via a Zen room or recreational activities), focus on our health (mental and physical) as well as developing our careers. Outside of work hours there are get-togethers at least once a month but often much more frequently.
Graduate, Brisbane