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AngloGold Ashanti Australia

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John Macaldo

4.45 AM

The alarm goes off in my donga at the village and after a couple of snoozes I force myself up into a nice warm shower. Most days I choose not to have breakfast so I can have those extra snoozes. I hop on the bus for a 10min ride to the site offices.


5.30 AM

Once I’m at my desk I take the time to open the minor emails such as company updates, news, safety info and weather reports. I then assess what tasks will take priority for the day. Got to have a black coffee to get me going.

6.00 AM

I walk over to the maintenance workshop where the crew will have their short pre-start meeting. This is mainly just a recap of yesterday’s events and what’s to come today. There is a strong focus on safety in this meeting to get people into the right mindset for the day. I try to take note of any interesting jobs that the Fitters are doing so I can observe them doing the job later in the day.


6.30 AM

I have decided I’m going to look at an engineering project request regarding additional piping to be installed on cyanide dosing lines on top of the leach tanks. Additional valves and piping need to be installed to drain cyanide during an isolation. I need to scope out the job but before I see things physically, I prepare all the relevant documentation and drawings to make sense of the required work.

A young professional at his office desk

7.30 AM

Time to go check out the dosing lines. I ensure I have all the correct PPE before heading into the plant. As I will be on top of the leaching tanks, I make sure I have a cyanide monitor to ensure I’m not exposed to high levels of cyanide. I take as many pictures as I can and start to form an idea on how it should be done.


9.00 AM

Smoko time. I make myself a piece of toast in the crib room. Got to have some fruit to stay healthy too.

9.30 AM

I look back at my project and begin to draft markups and drawings of the pipeline. I also review the Australian Standards for relevant information and specifications regarding the works. I like to listen to music when doing things like this.

1.00 PM

Lunch time. I go back to the crib room to heat up my lunch. I have the freedom to eat back at my desk if I like. I make sure to have some more fruit and maybe a coffee to push me through the second half of the day.

Coffee maker

2.00 PM

I resume work on progressing the piping project. I draft up a scope of works document ensuring the right specifications for the required materials and installation. I send out emails to contractors regarding the works to begin correspondence. I may be juggling the progression of other works during this time.

4.00 PM

Throughout the week, random unforeseen events can occur. The reliability team are investigating an issue with the oil levels in a drive bearing on a high-pressure grinding roll. I come along to give assistance and to observe the issue. The team are looking to upgrade the oil supply system.

a high-pressure grinding roll

5.30 PM

I call it a day and get on the bus back to camp. I have my dinner and pack my lunch for the next day. Our dongas have a fridge I can put my lunch in.

6.30 PM

Exercise is important so I head to the village gym and do a workout.


7.30 PM

Back to my donga, I have a shower and wind down with a book or some Netflix on my iPad before going to sleep to reset for the next day.