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AECOM New Zealand

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Training & Personal Development at AECOM New Zealand

6.9 rating for Training, based on 18 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Not very easy to access all the in person trainings. Online trainings are very good.
Graduate, Auckland
The graduate program is 2 years. The first year includes the induction event (3 days in Australia), workplace team project, and a few training days in Auckland. The second year also has training days in Auckland. AECOM also has an online learning portal where you can access training resources on many different topics. So far I have picked up finance knowledge. It would be nice to have more technical training.
Graduate, Christchurch
Pretty much all of the training is on the job
Graduate, Chrustchurch
Can be tedious for some things, but general have scope to learn what i want within projects
Graduate, Auckland
Ethics training every year. Other training is based on the work you will be carrying out.
Graduate, Tauranga
There are no structured team/discipline training schedules
Graduate, Auckland
Picked up some water related modelling
Graduate, Hamilton
Most training is informal with the notable exception of health and safety training. Any formal training needs to be applied for well in advance.
Graduate, Auckland
Graduate program is good and plenty of opportunities to learn more
Graduate, Auckland
Grad induction was 3 days, also 2 extra grad training days each year. I would like more shorter training sessions to improve my technical skills
Graduate, Auckland
On-the-job training has definitely been the most valuable and I have learnt a lot of skills that will be valuable for the rest of my career. The formal grad training programme is useful but not nearly as much as on-the-job training.
Graduate, Auckland
The graduate program is unnecessary
Experienced, Wellington
Training is inconsistent and lacking in some areas. The only standardized training is in Health & Safety, otherwise there are generic training/tutorials in the University website for new starters to mindlessly skim through for their first couple of days.
Graduate, Wellington
Haven't had a lot of training yet
Graduate, Auckland