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AECOM New Zealand

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Corporate Social Responsibility at AECOM New Zealand

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What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
I am part of the CSR committee. Australia and NZ plans campaigns together and we also do local activities. Everyone can use 8 hours of volunteer leave per year. Last year I organised a volunteering afternoon at a zoo. We do a lot of fundraising and collection campaigns for charities.
Graduate, Christchurch
Pedal4Prostate sponsorship i've ask for support for. Breast Cancer day, Women's Day, a comprehensive CSR programme that is updated each year
Graduate, Auckland
AECOM giveback. Also the doubling of any donations for disaster relief.
Graduate, Tauranga
We have 8 hours a year to spend on CSR
Graduate, Auckland
Every employee is given pre-approved time to work on any charity event of their choosing.
Graduate, Auckland
CSR day once a year. Other opportunities to volunteer have come up too
Graduate, Auckland
1 CSR day per year. company will support other programs within the industry that individuals are passionate about
Graduate, Auckland
Haven't engaged much with this myself, but the opportunity is there.
Graduate, Auckland
I personally worked on a project that helped staff better understand what CSR initiatives the company undertakes, such as non-taxable automatic payroll donations to charities. There is also an annual beach cleanup where we get a day off work to help clean up local beaches.
Graduate, Wellington
somewhat committed, we have a CSR day per year
Graduate, Auckland