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Crawford School of Public Policy

Chevelle Grey | Master of Public Administration

Chevelle Grey is studying a Master of Public Administration at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the ANU in Canberra.

I'm Chevelle, I studied a Master of Public Administration, and I'm currently working as an advisor in the project office at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

What did you study in your undergraduate degree? 

"I actually studied a Bachelor of Graphic Design, which is really different from where I've ended up now. I always had a real interest in pursuing creativity and doing a lot of creative problem-solving, so that's where graphic design really took me down that path." 

Why did you apply to Crawford School? 

" I started working as a graphic designer in the Public Service, but as I was designing all of these communications products, I became really interested in the policies and the programs that were behind them. I wanted know how they were made, what kind of thinking went into them, the research that supported them and how they were going to be implemented. I wanted to be on the other side, so I had the opportunity to join a grad program, which gave me some first-hand experience in some of those areas and after I'd had that experience, I know I wanted to formalize this change of focus with further study, and the Crawford School of Public Policy was really the perfect place for me to do that" 

Why did you choose to study the Master of Public Administration? 

"I really wanted to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the Public Service, so the kind of underpinning institutions, the history of it, why it's structured the way it is, the governance and accountability mechanisms that we have in place, and what that all means for the work that the Public Service does. So how that underpins all of our public policy decisions, the advice that we provide to government, and fundamentally, the services that we provide to citizens so I wanted to take a really broad look, not just at public policy on its own, but at the systems that make it successful." 

Were you considering any other degrees? 

"Yes, my options were really to stick to the path that I was on, and continue working in designing communications, with potential further study in that area, or doing more of a general approach and broadeing the opportunities that I might have in the future. Ultimately, I knew I wanted to build my career in the public service, and a Master of Public Administration was the perfect way for me to get a really broad range of skills that would mean I could work a variety of areas in the public service.." 

Can you describe a typical day at Crawford School? 

"A typical day at Crawford for me involved starting work early, so that I could knock off early and make my way up here, to go to a lecture or tutorial, or sometimes both. And they were always really engaging. I always learned something new that evening, that I could take into the office the next day and put into practtice.Fundamentally, that was one fo the best things about studying here." 

What skills will this degree help you develop? 

" I feel that I've become a really strategic and critical thinker as a result of my studies. It has caused me to really think about what the role of public service is, and how we can better improve outcomes for citizens, often in ways taht might be a bit different to how we;ve done things differently.." 

How will this degree benefit your career? 

"I think doing a Master of Public Administration means that you can really understand the underpinning institutions of the public service, so the way it's structured, the history of it, the governance and accountability mechanisms we that we have in place, and the kind of organizational structures that basically makes the whole thing work and I think that allows you to really go above and beyond in your role. Having that kind of understanding means  that you can push the kind of advice that you give and the solutions that you put forward, I hope that this degree will position me to become a leader of the public service for the future and to look at new ways to devering service to citizens, and improving outocmes for people. " 

What is your favourite thing about Crawford School? 

" What I really loved about studying at the Crawford School was the passion and knowledge that the teaching staff have here. Fundamentally, you learn a lot of the theory, but you also learn how that theory works in practice, throught the case study approach that's taken. The academics here have been really practical experience as well so they understand the realities of the public service which is fundamentally important for being out to apply whawt you learn in practice."