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Raihanaty Abdul-Jalil

Clarity comes from movement. Take action towards your goals, especially if you’re uncertain because it’s through experiences that you’ll learn more about yourself and what you have to offer.

Raihanaty's journey since UWA

I have had a varied career, starting out as a Maths and Science High School teacher for a year, a Youth Development Worker for four years before I started my own business doing freelance admin work, then life coaching. Currently, I am an author (working on my first novel) alongside working for Apple as a Trainer and Sales Specialist, Ascora as a Trainer and still in my own business, supporting a couple of clients with their projects.

How did you choose your specialisation?

I considered doing Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science and many other fields, but I decided Education was my calling because of many friends I had helped throughout high school telling me I was a really good teacher, as well as my love for learning. Nonetheless, my passions are still many including Writing, Business, Finance and Investment, which I still explore around my “day job”.

What was your interview process like?

When I was interviewed to join Apple, it was a gruelling process; I had four interviews (including an initial group interview) and it took four months before I was told I had made it! Questions I was asked included why I wanted to join the company as well as giving examples of experiences I’ve had that demonstrate some of the skills needed for my role – e.g. thinking on the fly, dealing with challenging situations or people etc.

Suppose a student was considering your career. What would you advise them to study? 

It would depend on which career as I have had many! 

Youth/Community Work—work experience got me the job. Many colleagues started out as a volunteer and then a job opened up while someone was on leave, which eventually became permanent, so work experience is one foot in the door!

Apple—depends on what role you’re applying for, but generally interpersonal skills & readiness to learn new things, not necessarily experience in technology nor retail (I started out in sales but had zero retail experience prior to Apple).

Education/Training—networking and now using technology that is becoming part of the future of education.

As for one thing that’s needed in all the careers I’ve experienced—communication skills and empathy.

What does your employer do?

Apple: creates electronic devices, provides software & services for all kinds of users, from business owners to grandparents. 

Ascora: provides a web and mobile app for tradies and similar businesses

What are your areas of responsibility?

Apple: providing group training in Apple products and software to individuals, schools and small-medium business owners and their staff. Providing relevant solutions for customers based on interests and needs.

Ascora: providing one-on-one or group training, face-to-face and online for new and existing users on how to best use the app to make their job easier

Can you describe a typical workday?

Ascora: taking support phone calls around the use of the app & website. Calling companies about their upcoming training, learning about their business workflow, drafting an agenda based on their needs, then delivering training, primarily via Zoom.

Apple: learning new content when new products or software are released; providing group training. Talking to customers about their needs and helping them find the right products and services that will enrich their life.

What sort of person succeeds in your career? 

Not afraid of making mistakes, willingness to learn from those mistakes and constantly improve for next time.

If you could share one piece of advice with an international student at UWA, what would it be?

Clarity comes from movement. Take action towards your goals, especially if you’re uncertain because it’s through experiences that you’ll learn more about yourself and what you have to offer.