GradIndia: The fun things to know about being employed

Have more fun and be a more knowledgeable person by knowing the fun things about being employed here at GradIndia. The fun things you need to know about being employed are:

1. The Firing Squad

GradIndia’s HR department is made up of a committee of 4 HR officers who are all fired up and ready to get the job done. The firing squad is comprised of a HR Director, an HR Head, an HR Manager and an HR Associate. The HR Director is the head of the squad and the team leader, and he has the power to approve or deny the firing squad’s recommendations. The HR Head is the second in command and is the most knowledgeable about the employment laws and rules. The HR Manager is the middle man between the HR Director and the HR Head and is in charge of the firing squad’s daily operations. The HR Associate is the one who actually fires the squad.

2. The HR Coordinator

HR Coordinators are responsible for helping to recruit the most qualified people for the jobs at GradIndia. The HR Coordinator is the go-to person when it comes to helping you figure out how to apply for jobs, the qualifications you need to meet, and the other requirements that you need to meet to get the job. The HR Coordinator is also responsible for helping you to stay on track and stay on schedule for the interview process.


To demonstrate their appreciation, HR Directors will sometimes give out goody bags to employees that are new to the company. These goody bags can include pens, pads of paper, and a small gift. The HR Director’s goal is to help the new employees feel welcomed and appreciated by the company.

4. The Company Payroll Department

GradIndia’s Payroll Department is the team that is responsible for figuring out how much you are going to be paid for your job. The Payroll Department has three roles: a payroll clerk, a payroll manager, and a payroll supervisor.

The payroll clerk is the one who inputs all the information that is needed to calculate your pay. The payroll clerk is also responsible for calculating the deductions that are taken out of your paycheck. The payroll manager is the one who takes care of the finances of the company. The payroll manager is also responsible for making sure that the company is in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the IRS and the state of California. The payroll supervisor is the one who actually processes the payroll checks.

5. Payroll Department Employees are considered salaried employees. This means that they are paid the same amount of money every month, regardless of how much work they actually do.

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