Find out the best industries to work in 2022

Are you weighing your options for a new job or a change in your current employment position? The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to determine whether or not a particular job or industry is a good match for your skills and interests.

But whatever your stage in life, whether you’re just starting or looking for a change of pace, it’s always a good idea to set aside some time to investigate new opportunities. With GradIndia, you’ll discover information on a variety of occupations that have been organised by industry. 


Multi-billion-dollar firms dominate the airline industry. The Department of Transportation categorises flights into four categories: cargo, international, national, and regional. Are one of those a viable option for your future employment? 

Aircraft Dispatcher

The safety of airline passengers is dependent on the work of aircraft dispatchers. Usually their job is to ensure the organisation’s operations are safe and efficient for each flight. Getting your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certification takes five to six weeks of classroom study. Aerial dispatchers are in charge of ensuring that flights arrive and leave in a safe and timely manner. 

They work closely with a variety of airline departments and staff. A dispatcher is in charge of many aircraft simultaneously, while an airline pilot is only in order of one flight at a time. All FAA-approved aviation dispatcher training schools must give students a minimum of 200 hours of classroom instruction before they may graduate. 

Airline Pilot

In pursuit of a profession as an airline pilot, one of the most challenging aspects is not necessarily learning to fly an aircraft. While anyone can know the technical aspects of managing a plane, the responsibility of piloting an aircraft entails much more than simply learning how to fly it. 

This job involves taking on the responsibility of being a good pilot. It takes a significant amount of time and money to get the knowledge you want. Airline pilots must be competent to fly large aircraft and make decisions that are in the best interests of the whole plane to secure the safety of everyone on board. Therefore, airline pilots need a well-rounded education and extensive flying experience.

Flight Attendant

In addition to making passengers feel comfortable, flight attendants, who have traditionally been referred to as stewardesses and stewards, are responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is properly maintained. It is their priority to ensure that passengers are safe and the security of the flight deck. 

They aid passengers in times of distress, assisting them in maintaining their calm and safety. Additionally, food and beverages are served at the restaurant. People who want to travel the world while providing protection and assistance to others can consider pursuing a career in this industry. 


If you want to succeed in business, you don’t need to have an MBA. However, many employees in this industry will need more education beyond high school and a strong aptitude for mathematics.


If you want to become an accountant or pursue a profession in accounting, having the appropriate education, experience, and background competencies is critical. This page discusses accounting jobs, as well as how to find one. You’ll learn what to expect from a career in accounting and how to get started. 

Anyone who wishes to work in public accounting with a high position must pass the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. 

Accountants must sift through vast volumes of financial data to identify mistakes and discrepancies necessary for their job description. Therefore, accountants must be knowledgeable about various ideas and rules that are constantly changing. 


If you’re a creative individual who likes writing and creating, advertising should be at the top of your list of potential career paths. Most individuals dream of working in the creative department of a primary advertising agency. Still, you may choose to work in-house or for a smaller agency or prefer to work as a freelancing creative. 

You’ll be working as a team member, and you’ll be depending on your creative abilities daily. No matter how many red points the Creative Director gives your material, you’re the one he’s counting on to create the advertising he’s been working on for months. 

If your design has already been marked up, you will still be required to make the necessary revisions to meet the deadline. 


The idea of being an attorney should thrill and motivate anybody who has the desire to pursue it. Additionally, it allow you to choose a specialisation in various areas of law, including corporate law, tax, entertainment, and criminal law, among others. 

Additionally, it gives you the chance to communicate in front of a group of people such as clients, jurors, judges, arbitrators, opposing lawyers, witnesses, boards of directors and colleagues are included. Attorney’s present evidence to the jury in a courtroom environment. 

Legal counsel in the boardroom must be able to relax in a welcoming environment. 


Do you have a strong desire to become a teacher? You shouldn’t restrict yourself to teaching as your only job choice in education since there are many options. Anyone interested in getting additional hands-on experience in education may substitute teach, work part-time, or teach in another nation. 

College professor

Apart from providing students with a means of acquiring a higher education, the objective of a college education is to assist them in developing their intellectual talents and preparing for a professional career. A college professor is a person who is responsible for instructing students at the university level. 

When training college students, a more significant emphasis is placed on the importance of a college degree rather than the age difference. Most persons who desire to become college professors begin their careers with a “probationary” position. 

It is expected of professors that they influence their institutions and the educational experiences of their students, and universities place high expectations on them in this regard. 

Substitute teacher

Parents, retirees, and anybody else looking for part-time employment during the school day will find substitute teaching to be a suitable part-time career choice in this field. It’s a fantastic way to get back into the swing of things—working as a replacement helps many people to find employment that suits their schedules because of the flexibility of the position. 

If your child is sick at home, you are under no obligation to answer the call. Working from home or having another part-time job may be possible for individuals on vacation or who have another part-time job to accommodate.

Music teacher 

Music educators may have more or less specified duties depending on whether they work for a school, an instrument shop, or a private clientele. A music teacher may instruct students on how to sing, play an instrument, or understand music theory. What kind of music education they wish to follow as a career is entirely up to them.

Music instructors who operate in a school environment alternate between courses to provide music theory and composition lessons. The details of their course offerings are influenced by the school districts and grade levels at which they are offered. 

Typically, vocal training and music theory are the subjects that get the most amount of attention.


Healthcare vocations will be at the top of any of the highest-paying and fastest-growing occupations. This career was prospering even amid the Great Recession. But keep in mind that this field is not for everyone; compassion and emotional fortitude are essential, as is a willingness to devote the necessary time and resources.


Following the diagnosis of a patient’s illness or injury, doctors provide treatment to the patient. Physicians are classified into medical doctors (MDs) and osteopathic doctors. Consequently, doctors have a greater amount of responsibility than individuals in other professions who are not responsible for the health of their patients. 

Aside from having a good grasp of medicine, they must also be able to effectively communicate their results to patients, who are often lacking in this area of expertise. They work with people who are at their most vulnerable, which requires not just technical skills but also empathy. 

Mental health counsellor

Psychiatrists are trained professionals that assist patients in dealing with the symptoms of emotional, mental, and drug use disorders. Some of the concerns that clients may be struggling with include drug and alcohol misuse, marital difficulties, and ageing-related obstacles. Remember that most mental health counsellors are self-employed and operate their own companies. 

Addiction treatment clinics may employ persons who have specific experience in addiction therapy. The personality of their employers may significantly influence workplace environments. Daily, mental health counsellors are subjected to a great deal of pressure. 


In addition to providing medical treatment, an “RN,” an abbreviation for registered nurse, may provide emotional support to both patients and their families. Some physicians and nurses are involved in educating patients and members of the general public about medical topics. 

There are several nursing specialities available, including critical care, addiction, cancer, neonatal and geriatrics, to name a few.

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